Rat Promotions started in 2005 and run 17 shows along with having its subdivision college radio show, Rat Radio, before taking a hiatus in 2009. The company stayed active from 2010-2012 branching off into publication, publishing 3 books. 2013 saw a partnership with unsigned artists radio veteran radio J that would last until April of 2014. 2014 was the biggest year in company history as it marked the official full swing return of Rat Promotions with the launch of its very own weekly podcast subdivision, The Ratsclusive, along with the return of hosting shows with the new company direction of hosting in and around NYC. 2019 saw the reorganization of the company with new alliances and marketing expertise.


It all officially came about when Rat began going to his first scene gigs in 2004 at 20, slowly paying attention along with his enjoyment, as to what makes a great live show. "There was really absolutely no better way for me to learn the ropes from seeing it from both sides of fence as I was part of running a fan club for a band at that time. I learned what the bands need and want along with the fans, and most importantly what it takes to end the night successfully instead of just saying so. Big difference. The passion started then and never died and it moved me to run my first show in 2005 and I'll never quit." Are YOU ready to ROCK? Let's Roll!

Patrick Keenan,'Rat' : Rat Promotions Owner/CEO/CMO/The Ratsclusive/Heartstone Lead Singer/Keyboardist: (2005-present)


He has a Bachelors of Science in Business Management and an Associate’s of Science in Business Marketing. A 2-Time 26.2 Mile Marathon Finisher, an avid drag racing, and New York Jets fan. He has been in a wheelchair all of his life, cancer survivor too, but uses the challenges life has given him as a motivator to make every day better than the last. Music has also been a serious passion of his and Patrick is someone that goes above and beyond for the independent music scene. He says, “I love music and I bleed for the scene. Music is one of the most beautiful parts of life, if not the most beautiful. I will forever do my part to make sure that a band with passion and a sound that I believe in has a vehicle to get their music heard through The Ratsclusive and a way to perform live at a company run show.” He resides in Bay Shore, New York.

Nick Bonventre Jr.: Rat Promotions Vice President/Graphics Manager: (2006-present)


He has a Bachelors of Arts in Graphic design and an Associates of Arts in Interactive Multimedia. Nick got into graphic design because being visually creative, he can see the drawing and it comes to life even before it hits the page. His creations are pure quality, as every ounce of his dedication and passion for what he does becomes beautifully represented. He describes himself as a told nerd with interests in board games, video games, power rangers and Pokémon. Nick has a passion for working with music for very special reasons. He says, “When everything is not ok in life, music makes it all okay. The power frees you from stress, frees you from pain, and with Rat Promotions it is incredible that I have the opportunity to represent such amazing talent.” He resides in North Babylon, NY.

Dani Felt: Music Services Consultant: (2019-present)


Music Industry Mastery has everything for the creative community from public relations expertise to branding solutions and even creative connections to help build your network and grow your career. Music Industry Mastery is the ultimate coach and consultant for your music marketing needs. Web design, Styling, Graphic design, Music Production, Photography, Consulting and helping to build your music career with the APP. A 4-part artist development program to help you take your career to the next level.


Dani is an entertainment music consultant and artist development coach, who loves to use her intuition and network to guide artists to the right resources and people. Felt’s understanding of both artistry and industry, along with her experience in the music industry and broader entertainment sphere, make her uniquely qualified to help artists and creators turn their dreams into reality, and she takes a tremendous passion in doing so.


Felt attended the New England School of Communications where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Communications. After moving to New York, she soon firmly established herself in the NYC music scene, working with artists and helping set up music showcases and networking events. She then transitioned to an A&R role, scouting songwriting and artistic talent for several music management and publishing firms including Big Management, Morris Music Group, and BCMG.  Felt later founded the artist development company CreativeSpotlights, which soon led her to author a music industry guide for emerging artists titled In The Spotlight: Over 100 Voices In Music. Creative Spotlights has since covered many major media events and press-related affairs, including the SESAC Pop Awards.


Felt founded Music Industry Mastery to fuse her love of music, industry experience, and marketing background to help build the careers of artists, creators, and brands by helping them forge long-lasting relationships. MIM’s work has already resulted in incredibly profitable relationships, red carpet showcases, and career-defining opportunities, with a great deal on the horizon.

Brian Matus: Executive Photographer: (Contractor, 2016-present)


In a few short years, he has progressed from shooting local bands to legendary acts like Judas Priest, Slayer (at Madison Square Garden) and (former Metallica bassist) Jason Newsted.


His photos have been published on the following websites:




BrokenRecordsOnline.com (Broken Records Magazine)




FullThrottleNYNE.org (Full Throttle Magazine, New York/New England Edition)












He's licensed photos for use on t-shirts and CDs, been published in various magazines (interiors and covers), and shot both the cover image and video slideshow featuring "Lady MacDeath" on the 'Vaulted' DVD from Yellow Ape Productions. He's also conducted promotional photo shoots (in studio and on location) for musicians, models and belly-dancers. More info at: www.BrianMatusPhotography.com. He resides in Ronkonkoma, NY.

John Christou: Executive Photographer/Videographer (Contractor, 2015-present)


John has a weatlth of experience in a wide variety of fields. Music, weddings, fashions, you name it John can shoot it. He resides in Bronxville, NY.

Kristin Tully, 'Tully' : Executive Photographer: (Contractor, 2015-present)


She has a Bachelors of Arts in Communications with a minor in Photography. She has a wealth of experience in photography, production and merchandising from working with NBC,Filter, Hinder, Devour The Day, Halestorm, Sick Puppies, Lacuna Coil, Eyes Set to Kill, and Face The King. She also has a love for fashion, drawing, sketching, playing guitar, and anything music related. She says, “I love supporting local music and helping keep something that I believe in thriving which is why I like to be an active part of the local scene. Just like small local businesses, I think it is important to help nurture local music to enhance the community.” She is someone who truly understands the power of music and how it can be used as a hobby, a passion, and a therapy. She fits the vision of Rat Promotions perfectly as keeping the art of music alive, is the most important principle. She resides in Locust Valley, NY.