What Is It About/Is it Available?

Love triangle-type of books are done a dime a dozen, the market is flooded. Why should you even give this book a chance? What if I told you that there is a unique book on the market that offers a new twist to the same old cookie-cutter concept? A story that is based on each of the 7 deadly sins, one with each character possessing many if not all of them. A story where you only get to learn who the main character is at the end. A story that offers the perfect balance of great dialogue, steamy moments, and attention grabbing situations that make you want to turn to the next page. The Monogamy Complex is the story that you have been waiting for. Short, complete, and to the point, this book is sure not to disappoint.


Written with Nicole Lea




2013 Release

Is This Book For You?

If you like a love triangle/thriller it is. This book will feature romance, crime, deception, and betrayal. Each of the seven deadly sins will be represented.